Ethernet Cable Installer in Fort Myers Florida

As an Ethernet cable installer in Fort Myers, Schultz Low Voltage has been extremely busy with projects in the area over the past several years. Recently we have had a lot of big commercial projects in Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island and throughout Southwest Florida.

New structures are usually easier to wire than existing structures for several reasons. In new buildings, the path of the wire is made while the construction process is going on. Compared to sometimes doing a lot of fabricating, cutting walls drilling and pulling when working with older buildings and wiring.ethernet cable installation fort myers

If the building is older and the business is upgrading to Category 6 wiring, the old wiring may not be a home run. Meaning the wire may not run directly back to the IT closet but might go to the next jack or even spliced in the ceiling. If this is the case, there is going to be a lot of ceiling or attic work.

The best case scenario for an ethernet cable installer when upgrading a business to Category 6 wiring is if the old wiring is a home run back to the IT closet. In this situation the tech can simply attach the new wire to the wire that is being replaced at one end, and pull it to the opposite end. residential ethernet installer fort myersEvery ethernet installation project is different, but taking the time to evaluate the best way to place the new ethernet cable will make a world of difference at the end of the job.

Schultz Low Voltage is also an ethernet cable installer on the residential level. We have done everything from installing a single category 6 wire to replacing wiring for an entire condominium building. If you have purchased an older home and the internet is slow, it may be because your old ethernet wiring is not up to the task. Call or contact us for a free broadband or wifi evaluation.

If you need an ethernet cable installer in the Fort Myers area, or you have a business and want to upgrade your wiring or wifi, please call or contact us today for a free quote.