Bonita Springs Structured Cabling Project

Back in January, we were asked by a client to bid on a Bonita Springs structured cabling project starting in the spring. The project would consist of wiring for door access, speakers, camera's, coaxial and ethernet cable. Schultz was awarded the contract and our techs worked through the COVID pandemic to successfully complete the job.

We decided to use category 6 solid copper cable for the ethernet, camera's and speaker wiring and RG6 for the coax. bonita springs structured cabling The roof was wood frame with a somewhat open attic which allowed us to use hooks on the beams. Careful planning made the wiring pulls easier.

The speakers required category 6 wiring rather than traditional 2 wire setup. This is because we used a state of the art digital speaker system on this project. Digital speakers provide several advantages over traditional analog. Individual speakers can be controlled via a variety of computers or cell phone app. Each speaker can have various settings such as volume, music source, timers etc.

ethernet cable bonita springs

Our POE camera's have a similar setup with the speakers. They each require a category 6 home run back to the IT room rack, in this case connecting to the DVR.

There are some really amazing security measures in the palm of your hands with the use of Shultz's POE camera system. With an app on your phone you can be anywhere in the world and in real time, view, rotate, pan or zoom from any camera in the system.

The Bonita Springs structured cabling project turned out great. The client is very happy with the final product and that's what really matters in the end. Our techs did an amazing job and considering they were working through a pandemic it was off the charts.

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